Your Packaging Defines Your Product, so Plan Accordingly

You can brew the most incredible beer out there, but without an attractive and reliable package to go along with it, drinkers will overlook your product in favor of a more established brand. The truth is, your bottle is just as important to your company as what goes inside of it, so the following considerations will help your bottles attract more buyers. Engage Your Customers The majority of beer drinkers, especially craft beer enthusiasts, are happy to be seduced by a new and exciting brand. They want to see what innovations other brewers have to offer. Companies that creatively and strategically present their bottles will capture new business, plain and simple. Glass, aluminum, and PET plastic all offer unique perks when it comes to building a bottle that will boost profits. Think about the shape, colors, and designs that will catch the eyes of open-minded shoppers.  Differentiate From the Competition Americans love their beer, and the craft brewing industry has grown dramatically in reaction to this love affair. This is great for consumers, but it also means more competition for brands in the marketplace. Since the flavor of your beer can’t help your sales at grocery stores where your product sits in tamper proof packaging, it’s up to your bottle to capture business that would have otherwise gone to your competitors. The right bottling and labeling machinery will help you beat out the others. Use a Labeling Solution You Can Count On Your company cannot produce bottles that attract customers without the technology that makes it happen. An integrated bottle labeling system is the best solution because it will increase distribution, bolser revenues, and improve profit margins with its efficiency. Meheen Manufacturing, for example, offers a bottle labeling system designed to apply labels to a variety of glass, plastic, or aluminum round containers. The Meheen ML bottle labeler is versatile to apply front only, front and back labels, or full wrap label as a rate of up to 60 labels per minute. Better yet, the unique design of the ai assist bottle guide ensures a consistent apply of each label on dry, cold, and moist surfaces alike. If you want this turnkey filling and labeling system to simply your own beverage packaging process, call (720) 406-7442 to learn more about the technologies that Meheen Manufacturing has to offer.