You’ll Be Seeing More of These Craft Beer Trends in 2018

If craft beer was a country, it’d be America. Unlike other countries that evolved gradually over thousands of years, America rose to power and became a world leader in less than 200 years! Craft beer’s progression has been equally as sudden and unprecedented. As explained by Matt Simpson, a beer judge and educator, “Craft beer has progressed so quickly and with so much fervor that we’ve one a lot of exploring in a very short period of time.” Indeed, craft brew has surged at such a frenzied pace that it’s never had the chance to stay the same. As 2018 continues chugging right along, you can expect to see some of these flavors and trends at your favorite brewery. Sours (AKA Wild Ales) Tart. Fruity. Funky. All of the above describe sours, which have started to become incredibly popular among devote craft beer drinkers. Experts expect that these wild ales will go mainstream in 2018 and reach a larger portion of the craft market. From German gose and Belgian lambics to innovative American interpretations, sours are sure to create excitement this year. Though diverse, they all begin through fermentation with native yeasts and bacterias, just like in cheese and yogurt production. There is really no end to the potential depths of flavors and complexities of these beers. Hazy IPAs They aren’t called the lazy hazy days of summer for nothing. New England IPAs, better known as hazy IPAs, are floral, fruit-forward brews with a signature cloudy appearance. These fruity variations offer a unique opaqueness from their unfiltered quality. Drinkers have been gravitating more and more toward hazy IPAs, and there’s no reason to think the trend will slow down in 2018, especially in the world of Instagram! The sky is the limit for craft beer in 2018, and the same is true of your craft brewery! For all of the help you need bottling each and every batch to taste as perfect as possible. Reach out to Meheen Manufacturing. Meheen is proud to offer bottling equipment and innovations that ensure quality and consistency of each batch that you create, from tank to bottle. Call (720) 406-7442 to learn more.