When Craft Beer and Artistry Meet

Setting your beer cans apart from the competition is no easy feat. After all, the growth in craft beer popularity has grown so quickly in the past few years that the market is now inundated with new, hip, and exciting brews with equally as creative branding designs. This is exactly why so many craft brewers are rising to this marketing challenge by teaming up with designers and illustrators to cultivate craft beer labels consumers simply cannot ignore. Unique and Bold Design Craft beer has to look the way it tastes: bright, bold, and edgy. A package’s design cannot be treated as an afterthought because it functions as a consumer’s first impression in the grocery store. The British supermarket Sainsbury’s has actually led the way in developing totally unique and noteworthy cans by working with illustrator Iain Macarthur. If you ever venture over to England, you can find Sainsbury’s Hyde & Wilde beer with eye-catching animal-based illustrations.   Premium Metallic Labels   Back in the United States, the Greenville, South Carolina brewery Birds Fly South Ale Project recently collaborated with local artist Chris Koelle to develop a new label for its anniversary. Koelle came up with the idea to use a metallic plastic that creates a truly original design. The metallic paper has a matte finish and causes inks to take on the underlying metallic sheen once applied. Using the Craft Beer Seal In addition to design, there is one labeling component that all craft brewers aim to include on their bottles and cans: the Brewers Association “Certified Independent Craft” seal that sets real, local, independent craft breweries apart from the “big beer” companies trying to take a piece of the pie. Remember that the way a beer is packaged is equally as important as the ingredients placed into it. This is why Meheen Manufacturing, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado builds state-of-the-art machines that fill bottles and manage carbonation with the exact science necessary to produce irresistible drinks. Call (720) 406-7442 to learn more about Meheen’s filling and carbonating technologies for your own craft beer business.