The Ultimate Gift Guide for Craft Beer Lovers

We all know at least one craft beer connoisseur who would love nothing more than to be showered in craft beer-related gifts this holiday season. The following ideas will give you some great ideas and make your shopping that much easier. The Six-Pack Bike Pouch As more and more cities adapt their transportation structures to become bike-friendly, commuting via bicycle is growing in popularity.  If your craft beer-loving friend or family member is avid cycler, consider buying them a six-pack holder that is specially made to fit over the center of a bike. It’s totally safe as long as he doesn’t open one of those bad boys up and take a sip! Vacuum Insulated Koozie No beer drinker enjoys a craft brew that warms up while lounging outside on a hot summer day. A Thermos brand Can Insulator is a vacuum insulated koozie that is capable of keeping beer cold up to 12 times longer than the can itself! Better yet, it won’t sweat on furniture or clothes. This is the perfect gift for a beer drinker who enjoys traveling, relaxing, or any other activity where beer is involved! The Beer Chiller What happens if you really want to drink a beer, but it just isn’t cold yet? The Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller solves this problem with a device that looks like a wine stopper but actually extends to the bottom of a standard long neck beer bottle. It essentially puts an icepack of sorts into the beer to cool it quickly and efficiently. Now that’s convenient. Moleskine Beer Journal Craft beer drinkers enjoy keeping track of the brews they love, where they came from, and other fun facts. A Moleskine notebook is a helpful tool to give as a gift this holiday season. Keeping track of beers in a notebook can also help your friend or loved one refine their palette, since the page layout encourages observations about flavor profiles. There is really no end to the innovative beer-related gifts out there, from beer soap to a beer cap map of the USA. You are sure to find a gift for your favorite craft beer lover that thrills them.