New CE-Compliant Canning & Bottling Systems to Debut At BrauBeviale 2018 Expo

Wild Goose-Meheen has announced the release of its latest line of CE-compliant can and bottle fillers with up to a 14% price reduction from the company’s earlier model CE systems.

The newly developed systems optimize productivity, functionality and value for the European craft market and other regions requiring CE compliance. In line with the company’s emphasis on innovation and advancement, the systems enhance quality control and ease of use while maintaining the compact footprint small craft producers require. All CE systems feature safety guarding offering superior operational practicality and visibility at the lightest available weight.

Wild Goose-Meheen’s CE line of bottlers includes two, four and six head systems providing up to 40 bottles per minute. Every machine is custom built to the producer’s specifications and offers automatic pre-evacuation, counter-pressure filling and crowning guided by intuitive machine interface operation.

The company has also launched its CE-certified Evolution Series canning systems, a modular line of can fillers offering craft producers an economical entry to precision automatic canning and an opportunity to grow affordably from 15 up to 50 cans per minute by adding to their canning line. Mobile-capable configurations and additional accessory equipment allow beverage makers to further customize the system to suit their production space and packaging line.

Wild Goose-Meheen’s CE-compliant canning and bottling systems will debut in November 2018 at BrauBeviale Hall/Stand 7-731 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Happy Tummy: Bottle Your Kombucha Easily and Efficiently

Kombucha is the fastest growing segment in beverages today. It’s been around for over 2,000 years of course, but its new found popularity is making production soar! If you’ve been looking to start getting your unique kombucha flavors out to market, you are not alone. We’ve gathered a couple of tips that may help you in your process.

Clean is Critical

Remember to sanitize EVERYTHING that touches your kombucha. Your utensils and materials to remove your SCOBY, your hands, the jars and bottles you’re using to store your SCOBY and finished kombucha, etc. All of this should be cleaned with extremely hot water and white vinegar. Don’t use soap or you may negatively affect your SCOBY and your finished tea.

Stay Out of the Light

Keeping your kombucha in a cool, dark place is important to increasing fizz and allowing for the fermentation to continue. Store it between 65 and 85 degrees away from sunlight. If you don’t want a second fermentation, then you can store your finished kombucha as is in a refrigerated area.

Low Head Room

When bottling your kombucha, be sure not to leave too much head room. The more head room, the less carbonated your beverage will get. However, the balance here is important. If there’s not enough head room, your could get carbonation overload and have a messy explosion on your hands. Meheen’s filling and bottling systems can help ensure consistent and safe fill levels for your product.

For more on bottling, packaging and selling your kombucha, call Meheen Manufacturing at (720) 406-7442 for fill out an information request form here. Meheen has been developing customized, small-footprint bottling machines for the craft beverage industry for nearly 3 decades. We’d love to discuss the right solution for your business.

Everything You’ve Ever Wondered About the Fizz in Your Beer

Carbonation is one of the signatures of a great beer, and most consumers take it for granted. Have you ever considered how much work and care is required to achieve a perfect and sustainable level of carbonation in every single can and bottle on store shelves? Read on to learn more about the fizz in your beer, and the next time you crack open a cold brew you’ll be able to appreciate it so much more. The Natural Carbonation Way Natural carbonation is created during the fermentation process that makes beer. Since fermentation involves yeast digesting sugar to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide, a complete fermentation process results in carbonation becoming trapped in the beer. Brewers ensure carbonation develops by sealing the beer in a container at the end of its fermentation. This traps carbonation in place until the bottle is opened. It is also possible to achieve natural carbonation by allowing beer to ferment completely and leaving it unfiltered. This method keeps the yeast active. A small amount of sugar can be added during the bottling phase to trigger additional production of carbon dioxide gas. In this case, the bottles need to be quickly sealed to trap all of the CO2 as it develops. Continue reading

The Most Important Soda Filling Technology Traits

Whether you are eating at a restaurant, stopping at the gas station, or seeing a movie, soda is available to purchase. As one of the most consumed beverages on the planet, soda must be produced and bottled using methods that deliver reliable and consistent results. Do you have bottling and filling technologies that work efficiently to reduce waste, increase output, and drive profits? If the answer is “no”, you need to find a new filling solution that offers the following three qualities. Minimal Floor Space Most facilities don’t offer much extra floor space, so the right soda filling machine will deliver big results without taking up too much valuable floor real estate. There’s no reason to assume that small space availability should prohibit large scale production. Reliable Fills, Every Time You can’t bottle soda for consumers without trusting that each bottle is filled correctly. All it takes is one case of flat or underfilled soda to lose consumer trust. Purchase a bottle filling machine that offers consistent fills every single time. Reliability should be achieved using methods like bottle pre-evacuation, controlled pressures, and long fill tubes. This combination allows for calm pouring and minimal O2 pickup. The final product is a consistent and high quality product in every bottle without excess product loss during pouring. Pneumatically Powered Motors, gears, and bearings require regular maintenance, which places a burden on your productivity. Just one problem can delay the entire filling process and reduce profits considerably. This is why it’s best to select a pneumatically powered filler to provide the long-term reliability your company needs. With low annual maintenance costs from pneumatic power, you can divert extra funds to marketing, packaging, or any other part of your business that could use some extra attention. Meheen Manufacturing, Inc. offers affordable and innovative bottling and filling solutions that can meet all of your needs and ensure long term reliability. Call (720) 406-7442 to learn more about Meheen’s carefully engineered technologies.

When Craft Beer and Artistry Meet

Setting your beer cans apart from the competition is no easy feat. After all, the growth in craft beer popularity has grown so quickly in the past few years that the market is now inundated with new, hip, and exciting brews with equally as creative branding designs. This is exactly why so many craft brewers are rising to this marketing challenge by teaming up with designers and illustrators to cultivate craft beer labels consumers simply cannot ignore. Unique and Bold Design Craft beer has to look the way it tastes: bright, bold, and edgy. A package’s design cannot be treated as an afterthought because it functions as a consumer’s first impression in the grocery store. The British supermarket Sainsbury’s has actually led the way in developing totally unique and noteworthy cans by working with illustrator Iain Macarthur. If you ever venture over to England, you can find Sainsbury’s Hyde & Wilde beer with eye-catching animal-based illustrations. Continue reading

Pairing Your Craft Beer with Summer Vacation

If you plan on hitting the beach this summer, you definitely want a cold beer next to you as your feet rest in the sand. But which brew is your best choice? There is not just one correct answer. Craft beer is available in a seemingly endless array of flavors and selections, so it’s important to know which brews will taste the best in the salty air. What You Need to Know About Summer Beer? Continue reading

The App Every Craft Beer Lover Should Have

Almost everything we do can be correlated to a smartphone application. You can track the number of steps you take in a day, the calories you eat, and the emails you send. Now, you can even use an app to determine if that beer you want to purchase qualifies as true craft beer. Craft beer has faced stiff competition from “Big Beer,” and many large corporations like Anheuser-Busch are purchasing smaller breweries to diversify and take advantage of the meteoric rise of craft beer over the past few years. If you want to know whether the six-pack in your hand originated from a legitimate craft brewer or a big beer imposter, this app is exactly what you need.    Continue reading

How to Prevent Production Downtime and Benefit from Maximized Uptime

The speed at which your bottling machines can create each finished product in your production line is no small matter. In reality, it is an essential component of your company’s overall success. Investing in machinery that is reliable, efficient, and durable can make all the difference in your uptime and productivity. When you manage to strategically increase uptime, you not only minimize downtime, but you keep your packaging line running smoothly and maximize the overall efficiency of your processes. Continue reading

Your Packaging Defines Your Product, so Plan Accordingly

You can brew the most incredible beer out there, but without an attractive and reliable package to go along with it, drinkers will overlook your product in favor of a more established brand. The truth is, your bottle is just as important to your company as what goes inside of it, so the following considerations will help your bottles attract more buyers. Continue reading