Make the Most of Autumn’s Craft Beer Trends

It’s officially fall, and pumpkin lovers around the country are uniting to enjoy the best that autumn has to offer. This includes craft beer trends as well, which never fail to offer unique and exciting autumn flavors to enjoy. Consider these options next time you’re browsing the shelves or placing an order at your local brew pub. What Makes Seasonal Beer Different? Anybody who is familiar with craft beer doesn’t need to be told that no two beers are the same. This is especially true about seasonal beers, which are defined by their intensity, flavor, and unique ingredients. Unlike winter beers, which are dark and complex, and summer beers, which are light and refreshing, autumn beers fall right in between. They include seasonal ingredients that can only be found locally during the fall, and they pair perfectly with common seasonal dishes (pumpkin pie, anyone?). Common Autumn Trends Thanks to the popularity of autumnal spices, fall beers were many of the first to gain popularity as seasonal brews. Since fall is widely seen as a time to cool down and prepare for the holiday season, fall beers tend to be a bit heavier than their summer counterparts. As most autumn-inspired food, pumpkin can always be counted on to make an appearance in seasonal beers. Nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon are favorite ingredients for these brews. Maple, amber, and belgium beers are also gaining prominence as customers search for pumpkin alternatives.   A Few Fan Favorites Every city across America can enjoy seasonal craft beers from local breweries, but these specific choices have captured national attention. Bell’s Best Brown Ale, from Michigan-based brewery Bell’s, offers a rich, nutty, malty flavor with caramel, coffee, and cocoa ingredients. What isn’t autumnal about that!? Harpoon Brewery’s Flannel Friday, on the other hand, is a malty amber ale that uses hints of citrus and pine to give you a totally unique experience around the campfire this fall. If you’re a Blue Moon fan, you might enjoy the Harvest Pumpkin Wheat Ale that’s been a favorite since it was introduced in 1995 as a savory yet refreshing ale.