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New CE-Compliant Canning & Bottling Systems to Debut At BrauBeviale 2018 Expo

Wild Goose-Meheen has announced the release of its latest line of CE-compliant can and bottle fillers with up to a 14% price reduction from the company’s earlier model CE systems.

The newly developed systems optimize productivity, functionality and value for the European craft market and other regions requiring CE compliance. In line with the company’s emphasis on innovation and advancement, the systems enhance quality control and ease of use while maintaining the compact footprint small craft producers require. All CE systems feature safety guarding offering superior operational practicality and visibility at the lightest available weight.

Wild Goose-Meheen’s CE line of bottlers includes two, four and six head systems providing up to 40 bottles per minute. Every machine is custom built to the producer’s specifications and offers automatic pre-evacuation, counter-pressure filling and crowning guided by intuitive machine interface operation.

The company has also launched its CE-certified Evolution Series canning systems, a modular line of can fillers offering craft producers an economical entry to precision automatic canning and an opportunity to grow affordably from 15 up to 50 cans per minute by adding to their canning line. Mobile-capable configurations and additional accessory equipment allow beverage makers to further customize the system to suit their production space and packaging line.

Wild Goose-Meheen’s CE-compliant canning and bottling systems will debut in November 2018 at BrauBeviale Hall/Stand 7-731 in Nuremberg, Germany.

How Lyft Is Managing To Connect With Craft Beer

If you’re a business that is expanding into a new area, what marketing tool do you utilize to kick start sales? For the ride-hailing app Lyft, the answer is simple: craft beer, of course! Lyft wants to increase its reach around Chicago, but isn’t using standard, exhausted marketing techniques to do so.

Lyft just announced it will partner with Baderbrau Brewing in Chicago to create a unique craft beer named Five Star Lager. The brew is described by Baderbrau as a “Munich Helles-style lager with a medium body and refreshing finish.” Any customer at Baderbrau who orders a Five Star Lager will receive as much as 60 percent off his next Lyft ride!

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These New Can Toppers Could Solve Hygiene Problems

Product developer and innovator William Battaglia has always been concerned with the potential of bacterial contamination on his canned beverages, so he went ahead and invented a product to solve his problem. Many Americans share Battaglia’s hesitation to trust the cleanliness of canned products after they have sat on store shelves, so his new patent-pending resealable SmarterSeal offers a long sought-after way to address consumers’ hygiene worries. Continue reading

Sustainable Packaging: Things You Should Know About Eco Packaging When Running a Beverage Business

There’s real emphasis at the moment on eco-friendly practice in business, and rightly so. Regrettably, however, this new-found zest for supplying sustainable packaging and bottling has resulted in a blurring of the facts, and many companies report feeling confused when it comes to selecting the right packaging for their product. Sustainable Packaging for Your Bottling Business: A Low-Down
  1. Avoid following ‘trends’. It’s tempting to follow trend and select the most popular form of sustainable packaging, but ultimately, if it doesn’t suit your product, it’s not going to be of much use to you. The great news for bottling companies is that when it comes to sustainability, glass is virtually impossible to beat.
  1. Focus less on materials, more on processes. Rather than fixating on using eco-friendly materials, focus on your business practice instead. Is your bottling machinery operating efficiently, or is it time for an updated model? Are you taking steps to avoid waste and reduce transport time to the stores?
  1. Cutting back on packaging can result in damaged goods. If you choose to use packaging that doesn’t do the job properly, you’ll end up with a lot more damaged stock, which is actually worse in terms of environmental impact.
  1. Plastic isn’t always the enemy. If you’re shipping out cases of bottles, paper certainly isn’t the way forward. Packaging bottles in corrugated cardboard tends to offer too great a level of protection, which your products simply won’t require. Simple shrink film actually uses significantly less material and reduces the overall weight of the package, which helps in terms of producing less of a carbon footprint.
  1. Look to the long-term. Remember that you can work on improving sustainability over a period of time. It’s better to road-test different materials and processes thoroughly, to ensure that they work well for both your business and the environment.
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