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Your Packaging Defines Your Product, so Plan Accordingly

You can brew the most incredible beer out there, but without an attractive and reliable package to go along with it, drinkers will overlook your product in favor of a more established brand. The truth is, your bottle is just as important to your company as what goes inside of it, so the following considerations will help your bottles attract more buyers. Continue reading

The Right Labeling Technology Makes All the Difference

Without eye-catching visual appeal and clear, concise labeling, a product is just about as worthless as if it were never placed on the shelf to begin with. Creative design and strategic marketing come into play here, but nothing can occur without the right labeling technology. Labels have come a long, long way in only a handful of years thanks to new and improved labeling technology that offers previously unheard of flexibility and personalization. Continue reading

5 Foolproof Steps to Make Your Bottle Labels Stand Out

The best beverage bottling is the result of a careful blend between art and science. From the size, color, material, and quality of the bottle to the product held inside, a variety of beverage industries rely on bottles to catch the attention of potential customers and ultimately drive the sale. One of the most significant parts of any bottle, of course, is the label. Without an efficient label, customers will not understand the purpose of a product or its allure. What can be done to ensure phenomenal bottle labeling? Follow these five steps to find out. Continue reading