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Happy Tummy: Bottle Your Kombucha Easily and Efficiently

Kombucha is the fastest growing segment in beverages today. It’s been around for over 2,000 years of course, but its new found popularity is making production soar! If you’ve been looking to start getting your unique kombucha flavors out to market, you are not alone. We’ve gathered a couple of tips that may help you in your process.

Clean is Critical

Remember to sanitize EVERYTHING that touches your kombucha. Your utensils and materials to remove your SCOBY, your hands, the jars and bottles you’re using to store your SCOBY and finished kombucha, etc. All of this should be cleaned with extremely hot water and white vinegar. Don’t use soap or you may negatively affect your SCOBY and your finished tea.

Stay Out of the Light

Keeping your kombucha in a cool, dark place is important to increasing fizz and allowing for the fermentation to continue. Store it between 65 and 85 degrees away from sunlight. If you don’t want a second fermentation, then you can store your finished kombucha as is in a refrigerated area.

Low Head Room

When bottling your kombucha, be sure not to leave too much head room. The more head room, the less carbonated your beverage will get. However, the balance here is important. If there’s not enough head room, your could get carbonation overload and have a messy explosion on your hands. Meheen’s filling and bottling systems can help ensure consistent and safe fill levels for your product.

For more on bottling, packaging and selling your kombucha, call Meheen Manufacturing at (720) 406-7442 for fill out an information request form here. Meheen has been developing customized, small-footprint bottling machines for the craft beverage industry for nearly 3 decades. We’d love to discuss the right solution for your business.