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Is That Really Craft Beer? Here’s How You Can Tell

The craft beer phenomenon has spread rapidly across the country, pushing “big beer” out as consumers gravitate toward unique, local, and exciting new brews. The IPAs, porters, sours, and other irresistible craft beers are dramatically more colorful and diverse than the standard lagers offered from Budweiser, Coors, and Corona. It often appears that the dividing line between craft beer and big beer is obvious, but non-craft beers have started to sneak their way into the craft section. Continue reading

Everything You’ve Ever Wondered about the Fizz in Your Beer

Take a second to imagine beer that doesn’t offer any fizz. It isn’t a pretty picture, is it? Carbonation is one of the signatures of a great beer, but it takes a certain amount of work and careful effort to achieve a perfect and sustainable level of carbonation in each can and bottle. Natural Carbonation Natural carbonation is a direct result of the fermentation process that creates beer. Since fermentation involves yeast digesting sugar to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide, a complete fermentation process results in carbonation becoming trapped in the beer. A brewer can ensure this happens by sealing the beer in a container at the end of its fermentation so not all carbonation has the chance to escape. Continue reading

Anheuser Busch is Making Its Entrance into the Craft Beer Market

As one of the largest brewers on the planet, Anheuser Busch has to make strategic moves to stay at the top. The company has started to expand its empire by obtaining acquisitions, specifically in the form of craft breweries. The ultimate goal of Anheuser Busch is to absorb small, local craft breweries in order to capture more of the growing artisanal beer market and its popularity. As of May 31, Anheuser Busch had recently acquired Wicked Weed Brewing of North Carolina. Wicked Weed Brewing made its mark by producing more than 500 different beers in its five year history. This made it very attractive to Anheuser Busch as the brewer seeks to establish a special selection of craft beers under its The High End group. Continue reading

Which Craft Beer Should You Be Drinking on the Beach this Summer?

There are a few things in life that pair perfectly with the beach: sunshine, towels, waves, and of course, beer! Craft beer is available in a dizzying array of flavors and selections, so it’s important to know which brews will taste the best when your toes are in the sand. An Introduction to Summer Beer It’s best to opt for beer in a can when you are heading to the beach. The cans stack easily, chill quickly, and can be compressed when finished to save space as you walk to the trashcan. The best beer choices also tend to be lighter with a crisp taste. The last thing you want to do is drink a few cans of heavy beer before spending the day in the sun and water. Many summer beers even have unique seasonal flavors that pair well with tastes of summer, like lemon zest or berries. Continue reading

How Craft Beer Trademarks are Leading to Lawsuits

Intellectual property is a complex issue that few people other than attorneys fully understand. When it comes to the craft beer industry, the one component of intellectual property that is causing major headaches is trademark law. According to The Indiana Lawyer, “As the number of craft breweries in the United States has skyrocketed 5,234, a 16.2 percent increase from the year before, there has been a rise in trademark disputes. Beermakers are increasingly suing in federal courts to protect their brand names and logos. The uptick in brawls is linked to growing sophistication in the industry. Artisans who just want to brew and give their neighbors something delicious to enjoy are being replaced by business professionals and investors more focused on expansions and profits.” Continue reading

Is Big Beer Out to Get Craft Beer in Nevada?

Though craft beer is currently enjoying its rise to the top, not everybody is thrilled to watch craft breweries dominating much of their competition. Customers have come to love and remain loyal to craft beer thanks to its unique style, local community connections, and authentic touch. However, legislators in Nevada backed by “big beer” are now proposing limits to the state’s brew pubs. Can craft stand its ground? Continue reading

Small and Independent Craft Brewers Continue to Enjoy Steady Growth

It’s no secret that craft beer has become a widely loved and respected industry all across the country. The Brewers Association, which is the trade association that represents small and independent American craft brewers, confirmed that trend recently when it released its 2016 data on U.S craft brewing growth. The numbers are in, and they prove just how powerful craft beer has become. The Definition of Craft Beer Continue reading

Is There a Craft Beer Festival Coming to a City Near You?

Forget the music fests. Craft beer festivals are taking the nation by storm, popping up everywhere from Charleston and Atlanta to St. Louis and Seattle. New and loyal craft beer enthusiasts alike are gathering in their hometowns to discover local beers and share their passion with others. As the winter weather gives way to spring warmth and eventually summer sunshine, craft beer festivals will be held in cities around the country. According to, nearly 2,800 occur every year! With that type of frequency, you are bound to find a craft beer festival near your own hometown. Continue reading