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When Craft Beer and Artistry Meet

Setting your beer cans apart from the competition is no easy feat. After all, the growth in craft beer popularity has grown so quickly in the past few years that the market is now inundated with new, hip, and exciting brews with equally as creative branding designs. This is exactly why so many craft brewers are rising to this marketing challenge by teaming up with designers and illustrators to cultivate craft beer labels consumers simply cannot ignore. Unique and Bold Design Craft beer has to look the way it tastes: bright, bold, and edgy. A package’s design cannot be treated as an afterthought because it functions as a consumer’s first impression in the grocery store. The British supermarket Sainsbury’s has actually led the way in developing totally unique and noteworthy cans by working with illustrator Iain Macarthur. If you ever venture over to England, you can find Sainsbury’s Hyde & Wilde beer with eye-catching animal-based illustrations. Continue reading

Pairing Your Craft Beer with Summer Vacation

If you plan on hitting the beach this summer, you definitely want a cold beer next to you as your feet rest in the sand. But which brew is your best choice? There is not just one correct answer. Craft beer is available in a seemingly endless array of flavors and selections, so it’s important to know which brews will taste the best in the salty air. What You Need to Know About Summer Beer? Continue reading

The App Every Craft Beer Lover Should Have

Almost everything we do can be correlated to a smartphone application. You can track the number of steps you take in a day, the calories you eat, and the emails you send. Now, you can even use an app to determine if that beer you want to purchase qualifies as true craft beer. Craft beer has faced stiff competition from “Big Beer,” and many large corporations like Anheuser-Busch are purchasing smaller breweries to diversify and take advantage of the meteoric rise of craft beer over the past few years. If you want to know whether the six-pack in your hand originated from a legitimate craft brewer or a big beer imposter, this app is exactly what you need.    Continue reading

American Craft Beer Week Will Unite Independent Brewers Across the Nation

It isn’t hard to find a trendy and exciting craft beer event in your local area during the spring, but American Craft Beer Week (ACBW) takes the celebration of craft beer up a notch to unite not just local communities but the entire nation. Hosted by, the Brewers Association’s website for beer lovers, ACBW celebrates the more than 6,300 small and independent brewers spread across the country. Continue reading

April is Now “Craft Beer Month” in Salt Lake City

As craft beer continues to make its mark on local economies and national markets, cities like Salt Lake City have experienced the exhilarating proliferation of brewpubs and breweries throughout the area. This led Mayor Jackie Biskupski to declare April as “Craft Beer Month.” In front of a special gathering of the Utah Brewers Guild, Mayor Biskupski said, “Salt Lake City’s brewpubs and breweries have been a favorite of locals but also lets tourists know the world is welcome here. April is a great time to acknowledge these establishments for what they bring to the City’s economy and eclecticism.” Indeed, Salt Lake City alone has 15 brew ups and breweries, a growth of 500 percent over the past two decades! That is a major portion of the state’s total of 23 craft breweries. Continue reading

This Craft Brewer Isn’t Going Down Without a Fight

It’s no secret that craft beer has surged to popularity over the past few years, and consumers continue to become increasingly connected to their local brands and breweries. However, the Big Beer conglomerates are determined to capitalize on this popularity by inserting themselves into the craft beer market. Greg Koch, co-founder of the widely respected craft brewery Stone Brewing, sees this happening firsthand. He recently filed to take MillerCoors to court for attempting to steal his name. Koch is staunchly opposed to Big Beer and its attempt to capitalize on the success of craft beer. Continue reading

You’ll Be Seeing More of These Craft Beer Trends in 2018

If craft beer was a country, it’d be America. Unlike other countries that evolved gradually over thousands of years, America rose to power and became a world leader in less than 200 years! Craft beer’s progression has been equally as sudden and unprecedented. As explained by Matt Simpson, a beer judge and educator, “Craft beer has progressed so quickly and with so much fervor that we’ve one a lot of exploring in a very short period of time.” Continue reading

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Craft Beer Lovers

We all know at least one craft beer connoisseur who would love nothing more than to be showered in craft beer-related gifts this holiday season. The following ideas will give you some great ideas and make your shopping that much easier. The Six-Pack Bike Pouch As more and more cities adapt their transportation structures to become bike-friendly, commuting via bicycle is growing in popularity.  If your craft beer-loving friend or family member is avid cycler, consider buying them a six-pack holder that is specially made to fit over the center of a bike. It’s totally safe as long as he doesn’t open one of those bad boys up and take a sip! Continue reading

#TakeCraftBack Shines Light on Big Beer Problems

Anheuser-Busch InBev, the international beverage conglomerate, has made no secret of its goal to purchase a wide range of independent U.S. craft brewers. Anheuser first purchased Goose Island in 2011, and nine more have followed, with the most recent being Wicked Weed in North Carolina. It’s clear that Anheuser does not want to miss out on the incredible revenue opportunities that craft beer has created, but the small and independent craft beer community is becoming increasingly concerned about Big Beer’s entry into the craft beer market. Continue reading

Make the Most of Autumn’s Craft Beer Trends

It’s officially fall, and pumpkin lovers around the country are uniting to enjoy the best that autumn has to offer. This includes craft beer trends as well, which never fail to offer unique and exciting autumn flavors to enjoy. Consider these options next time you’re browsing the shelves or placing an order at your local brew pub. What Makes Seasonal Beer Different? Anybody who is familiar with craft beer doesn’t need to be told that no two beers are the same. This is especially true about seasonal beers, which are defined by their intensity, flavor, and unique ingredients. Unlike winter beers, which are dark and complex, and summer beers, which are light and refreshing, autumn beers fall right in between. They include seasonal ingredients that can only be found locally during the fall, and they pair perfectly with common seasonal dishes (pumpkin pie, anyone?). Continue reading