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Happy Tummy: Bottle Your Kombucha Easily and Efficiently

Kombucha is the fastest growing segment in beverages today. It’s been around for over 2,000 years of course, but its new found popularity is making production soar! If you’ve been looking to start getting your unique kombucha flavors out to market, you are not alone. We’ve gathered a couple of tips that may help you in your process.

Clean is Critical

Remember to sanitize EVERYTHING that touches your kombucha. Your utensils and materials to remove your SCOBY, your hands, the jars and bottles you’re using to store your SCOBY and finished kombucha, etc. All of this should be cleaned with extremely hot water and white vinegar. Don’t use soap or you may negatively affect your SCOBY and your finished tea.

Stay Out of the Light

Keeping your kombucha in a cool, dark place is important to increasing fizz and allowing for the fermentation to continue. Store it between 65 and 85 degrees away from sunlight. If you don’t want a second fermentation, then you can store your finished kombucha as is in a refrigerated area.

Low Head Room

When bottling your kombucha, be sure not to leave too much head room. The more head room, the less carbonated your beverage will get. However, the balance here is important. If there’s not enough head room, your could get carbonation overload and have a messy explosion on your hands. Meheen’s filling and bottling systems can help ensure consistent and safe fill levels for your product.

For more on bottling, packaging and selling your kombucha, call Meheen Manufacturing at (720) 406-7442 for fill out an information request form here. Meheen has been developing customized, small-footprint bottling machines for the craft beverage industry for nearly 3 decades. We’d love to discuss the right solution for your business.

The Most Important Soda Filling Technology Traits

Whether you are eating at a restaurant, stopping at the gas station, or seeing a movie, soda is available to purchase. As one of the most consumed beverages on the planet, soda must be produced and bottled using methods that deliver reliable and consistent results. Do you have bottling and filling technologies that work efficiently to reduce waste, increase output, and drive profits? If the answer is “no”, you need to find a new filling solution that offers the following three qualities. Minimal Floor Space Most facilities don’t offer much extra floor space, so the right soda filling machine will deliver big results without taking up too much valuable floor real estate. There’s no reason to assume that small space availability should prohibit large scale production. Reliable Fills, Every Time You can’t bottle soda for consumers without trusting that each bottle is filled correctly. All it takes is one case of flat or underfilled soda to lose consumer trust. Purchase a bottle filling machine that offers consistent fills every single time. Reliability should be achieved using methods like bottle pre-evacuation, controlled pressures, and long fill tubes. This combination allows for calm pouring and minimal O2 pickup. The final product is a consistent and high quality product in every bottle without excess product loss during pouring. Pneumatically Powered Motors, gears, and bearings require regular maintenance, which places a burden on your productivity. Just one problem can delay the entire filling process and reduce profits considerably. This is why it’s best to select a pneumatically powered filler to provide the long-term reliability your company needs. With low annual maintenance costs from pneumatic power, you can divert extra funds to marketing, packaging, or any other part of your business that could use some extra attention. Meheen Manufacturing, Inc. offers affordable and innovative bottling and filling solutions that can meet all of your needs and ensure long term reliability. Call (720) 406-7442 to learn more about Meheen’s carefully engineered technologies.

How to Prevent Production Downtime and Benefit from Maximized Uptime

The speed at which your bottling machines can create each finished product in your production line is no small matter. In reality, it is an essential component of your company’s overall success. Investing in machinery that is reliable, efficient, and durable can make all the difference in your uptime and productivity. When you manage to strategically increase uptime, you not only minimize downtime, but you keep your packaging line running smoothly and maximize the overall efficiency of your processes. Continue reading

Your Packaging Defines Your Product, so Plan Accordingly

You can brew the most incredible beer out there, but without an attractive and reliable package to go along with it, drinkers will overlook your product in favor of a more established brand. The truth is, your bottle is just as important to your company as what goes inside of it, so the following considerations will help your bottles attract more buyers. Continue reading

What Should You Look for in Filling Technology?

The supply chain for any given consumer product is extremely complicated, but that doesn’t mean that achieving success is out of reach. Beverage manufacturers only need to make one significant investment to ensure that their products offer the quality, consistency, and aesthetic appeal necessary to score customer loyalty and satisfaction: a high-quality filling machine. A filling machine lives up to its name; it fills empty bottles with a product like beer, tea, or soda. Though this may sound like a relatively simple task, the perfect fill requires a careful blend of advanced technology. Continue reading

Ionized Air Cleaning is a Must for Your Filling Lines

43624891 - many bottles on conveyor belt in factoryWhat would happen if you sold beer or soda bottles with bits of cardboard and dust floating around inside? It’s not hard to imagine: your customers would be in an uproar, your brand would take a major hit on social media and you’d spend a fortune offering refunds and free gifts in an effort to minimize damage to your customer base. As you work each day to achieve success, that situation is the last thing you want to encounter. Fortunately, ionized air cleaning mechanisms can practically work miracles to keep your plastic and glass bottles impeccably clean and clear at the time of filling. Continue reading

The Ultimate Brewery Machine

Incredible beer can’t be brewed in old, inefficient, and outdated machinery. Your brewer needs the best bottling, branding, fermenting, filling, and milling machinery available. So how can you differentiate between items that are true investments and rip offs? What’s the best way to identify the pieces that will work most efficiently in your brewery? These new technology innovations will answer your questions.  Continue reading

Finding the Perfect Filling Technology

If you are in the business of beverage brewing, you understand what a careful blend of art and science is required to craft a truly incredible drink that customers will pay money to enjoy again and again. Without the right bottling expertise, however, the beverages you painstakingly created will not end up on store shelves with the level of quality and taste that you’d hope for. Continue reading

How to Pick the Right Craft Beer Bottling Equipment

If you are a craft beer brewer, you have your work cut out for you. Seriously, you do. There’s just so many craft beer brewers not just on the regional or national level but even at the super local level. We are talking about district by district craft beer making. In fact, in certain cities in the United States, every district of a particular city would have it’s own craft beer company. This craft beer company only targets the surrounding areas. That is how localized craft beer making has become. That is how competitive the landscape for artisan beer has become in this day and age. Continue reading

Bottling Machinery: How to Pick the Right Supplier

Purchasing bottling machinery is a big deal. As a result, it’s important to ensure that you spend your money wisely, in order to ensure the greatest return on your investment. The Big Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Bottling Machinery
  • Do consider reputation. When it comes to buying bottling machinery, look for a supplier that has been in the industry for years. This tells you that they are well-established, respected by their clients and, more to the point, trustworthy.
  • Don’t simply go for the cheapest. When it comes to running a business, there are certain occasions when it doesn’t pay to buy the least expensive product. Purchasing machinery certainly falls into this category. You rely on your machinery to help you to get the job done, to ensure that you don’t let your clients down. As a result, choosing an inferior, cheaper product is likely to cause you problems further down the line.
  • Do talk to the company first. Don’t be afraid to contact the company direct and ask them a few questions. In fact, this will tell you a lot about the company in terms of their level of expertise and professional conduct.
  • Don’t buy second-hand. It’s tempting to purchase a second-hand machine, particularly if it’s a good model. However, buying used machinery has one very big problem; if it goes wrong, you’re not covered by warranty, nor are you likely to receive any support or after-care.
  • Do choose a machine with easily replaceable parts. It’s sometimes possible to get machines cheaper overseas, but beware! This can make getting replacement parts incredibly difficult, not to mention expensive.
  • Do check that the company has a suitable model. The best bottling machinery suppliers are likely to have a range of machines in stock and will be able to customize the machine to suit your exact requirements.
Meheen: Reliable, Trusted and Established Suppliers of Bottling Machinery Meheen have been manufacturing bottling machinery for over 20 years and are regarded as one of the industry’s leading suppliers. You can check out our extensive range at our website.