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Your Packaging Defines Your Product, so Plan Accordingly

You can brew the most incredible beer out there, but without an attractive and reliable package to go along with it, drinkers will overlook your product in favor of a more established brand. The truth is, your bottle is just as important to your company as what goes inside of it, so the following considerations will help your bottles attract more buyers. Continue reading

3 Ways to Ensure Your Beer Products Get Noticed

29719382 - beer bottles on the conveyor belt, breweryAmericans love beer, so as a craft brewer you won’t have any shortage of customers willing to try your products. However, the tricky part is designing your beer bottles to look interesting and valuable enough to choose over the hundreds of other options sitting on the shelf. One of the most powerful parts of your bottle is the label, so it only makes sense to capitalize on that label to capture more business. Color, Texture, Type Continue reading

Three Reasons Your Bottle Matters to Your Brand

22749506 - bottles of beer on black backgroundYou can brew the most incredible beer out there, but if it is packaged in a less-than-impressive bottle, your brand might still suffer. Though it may not seem fair, the bottle is just as important to your company as what goes in it. The advice “Don’t judge a book by its cover” isn’t always heeded by the average American, which means that you need to put equal effort into your production and your packaging. Engage Your Customers Continue reading

How to Take Your Brew to the Next Level

You’ve worked hard to craft your brew to be the epitome of everything you love in an  ale, lager, pilsner or whatever type of beer you enjoy the most. When you are ready to turn your basement operation into a larger, full scale production you should be sure to choose the right equipment to ensure each batch of brew is not only perfectly make, but that it is kept the freshest it can be, and that you are able to convey your message in every crispy printed and applied label. The following is brief guide with tips on out to take your passion and hobby and turn it into a profitable business. Continue reading

Brand Your Craft Beer with the Right Bottling Equipment

In this day and age, when there are so many craft beer brands out there, it is very easy for a particular local or up and coming beer brand to fall between the cracks. This is really bad because there are a lot of local beer brands that really deserve a wider audience due to their unique formulation or the quality that they bring to the table. It is really would be a shame for them to establish a super local brand that won’t be able to achieve a wider market. This is bad news because this super competitive market makes it very easy for your small following to get the best of you and really keep your operations small or in the worst case scenario cause your downfall. Continue reading

Creating a Fully ‘In-House’ Brewery: Reasons Why It Pays to Invest in Beer Bottling Machinery

Every micro-brewery owner dreams of being able to bring their business fully ‘in-house’; with everything being done on site; from production to bottling and labeling. However, on a start-up budget, this isn’t quite as easy as it looks. Purchasing the right machinery requires a fairly substantial amount of investment, which can deter many microbreweries from taking the step to complete independence. As a result, many companies choose to outsource their bottling and labeling to another business. Outsourcing: The Negatives Outsourcing can help in the short term, especially whilst you get your company established. However, in the long term, using an external company to help you with an aspect of your production can take a real chunk out of your profit margins. It also means that you lose an element of control over your own business. Without being able to oversee all aspects of production, you are effectively passing all responsibility to another party; who may not be quite as careful with your product as you’d like them to be. Buying Bottling Machinery: Big Investment, Bigger Advantages If you’re able to invest in bottling machinery for your brewery, you should certainly consider it. Buying the right bottling machine and having it on site will enable you to take complete control of your own business. If you want to do short production runs, you can. If you want to operate at a time that suits you, again, having your own machine makes this possible. But of course, the biggest benefit is the improved profit margins. Without the expense of outsourcing services, you’ll notice a far greater return. You’ll also be able to keep a better eye on what’s going on, which means that breakages and losses are likely to be minimized. Reputable Beer Bottling Machinery Suppliers If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of high quality bottling machinery, talk to Meheen Manufacturing today. We supply across the US and offer full support with your product.