April is Now “Craft Beer Month” in Salt Lake City

As craft beer continues to make its mark on local economies and national markets, cities like Salt Lake City have experienced the exhilarating proliferation of brewpubs and breweries throughout the area. This led Mayor Jackie Biskupski to declare April as “Craft Beer Month.” In front of a special gathering of the Utah Brewers Guild, Mayor Biskupski said, “Salt Lake City’s brewpubs and breweries have been a favorite of locals but also lets tourists know the world is welcome here. April is a great time to acknowledge these establishments for what they bring to the City’s economy and eclecticism.” Indeed, Salt Lake City alone has 15 brew ups and breweries, a growth of 500 percent over the past two decades! That is a major portion of the state’s total of 23 craft breweries. The growth of Utah’s beer industry as a whole has risen to 3.2 percent, even though the state has some of the strictest liquor laws in the country. Breweries and bars in Utah can only serve on-tap beer that is equal to or below 4 percent alcohol by volume. All higher-alcohol beers must be served in bottles. If those restrictions would loosen, imagine the growth that Utah would experience!   Mayor Biskupski isn’t the only one eager to draw attention to the soaring success of the craft brewing industry. The Brewers Association also declared American Craft Beer Week to be held on May 14-20, 2018. According to the BA, this is a “week-long coordinated effort timed before the busy summer bear season. This week has become the largest national effort focusing on American craft beer.”     April is also North Carolina Beer Month. The Tar Heel state claims more than 250 breweries within its borders, and more than 50 events are scheduled throughout Beer Month to help visitors and locals alike explore the brewers around them and explore new craft beer innovations.