American Craft Beer Week Will Unite Independent Brewers Across the Nation

It isn’t hard to find a trendy and exciting craft beer event in your local area during the spring, but American Craft Beer Week (ACBW) takes the celebration of craft beer up a notch to unite not just local communities but the entire nation. Hosted by, the Brewers Association’s website for beer lovers, ACBW celebrates the more than 6,300 small and independent brewers spread across the country. Pledge to the Seal In addition to the fun and revelry of American Craft Beer Week, this year’s event is also bringing something new to the table. is inviting beer enthusiasts to pledge to drink and purchase beers with independent craft brewer seals. In return, enthusiasts will be given their own independent craft brewer seal pin. As explained by Jess Baker, the editor in chief at, “While beer lovers regularly enjoy their favorite independent craft beers, American Craft beer Week is a special occasion that provides craft beer enthusiasts across the country with the opportunity to take part in a larger movement and unite for independence. This year, we encourage beer lovers to seek the seal and remind them to support independent craft brewers during ACBW.” More About the Seal Since proving that it is far more than a small niche in the alcohol industry, craft beer has faced fierce competition from “Big Beer” brands that have developed their own smaller brews to mimic the look and feel of craft beer. This has tricked many consumers into unknowingly purchasing beers from large corporations rather than small and independently owned craft breweries. The “Seek the Seal” campaign highlighted by ACBW is an attempt to help shoppers distinguish true craft brews from the imposters designed by Big Beer. The independent craft brewer seal is allowed on the packaging, tamps, and menus of truly small and independent brews and breweries. This is an important reminder that a craft beer’s packaging is just as important as the brew inside. From the bottle and the label to the carbonation and fill level, every aspect of a craft beer’s production needs to be thoroughly monitored and perfected. Meheen Manufacturing offers the technologies needed for it all. Call (720) 406-7442 to learn more.