Meheen’s drink bottling machine gets your product to your customers efficiently

Get From Here to There With Meheen’s Expert Bottling Equipment

Brewing beverages is about crafting something great and sharing it with customers beyond your walls. And what better way to get your beverage into the hands of more customers than through a commitment to bottling. Leverage Meheen’s expertise in carbonating and beverage bottling equipment in support of your business.  


Meheen was born from the early days of the American craft beer renaissance. Dave Meheen, founder of Meheen Manufacturing and passionate brewer of craft beers, opened his first microbrewery in the late 1980’s. Dave’s motivation for building his first bottling machine was a desire to protect the quality, taste and integrity of his own craft beer. Dissatisfied with drink bottling machine options in the market, Meheen set out to design, engineer and manufacture beverage bottling equipment that could meet his exacting standards. Bottling machines that offered a reliable, precisely engineered solution capable of managing and controlling every aspect of the carbonation and filling processes from tank to bottle. For over twenty years, Meheen has been delivering industry-leading beverage bottling equipment to our customers. Crafted in the USA from our new facility in Boulder, Colorado, our bottling machines are currently ensuring beverage quality and consistency in all 50 U.S. states and around the world.  


Built over decades of brewing, carbonating and filling craft beverages, Meheen’s expertise spans all beverage categories. Whether you’re bottling beer, cider, tea, water, soda, juice, or some other beverage, Meheen beverage bottling machines are designed and engineered to allow for unmatched operational control. We continuously invest in technologies to anticipate and respond to your machine needs. As brewers and engineers, we understand the dynamics of carbonation and can support you throughout the brewing and filling process. You should demand that the product in your tanks is exactly what ends up in the customer’s bottle. With the support Meheen bottling machines, you can ensure that your customers get what they paid for and come back for more.

“We studied several options and Meheen was the best in terms of quality, speed and price for our needs. With our M6CE system, two people have been able to do the job of four, and in less time. The improvement has been notable, especially with product stability.”
  • Rafael Sánchez, Secretary, Transformando S.C.A. Cervezas Bandolera, Algallarín, Cordoba, Spain

Being Local And Thinking Global: We Build Bottling Machines With You In Mind


Given our roots in craft brewing, Meheen understands that yours is an artisan endeavor. As your local production goes global (or even just metropolitan), it’s critical that your bottling equipment produces a quality, consistent product worthy of your brand name. Our beverage bottling machines feature a touch screen and production control software, which provide you with unmatched control throughout the bottling process. With automated controls and manual capabilities, you control what goes into the bottle with the help of Meheen’s latest bottling equipment.  


Meheen views its role as both manufacturer and business partner. Every Meheen bottling machine is designed to protect product integrity as you move your brands into bottles, quality and consistency being critical to long-term success. Meheen beverage bottling equipment is designed to meet your specific production needs, with the ability to scale as you do. At the same time, understanding the value of your production space by maintaining a small footprint and mobility. Our bottling machines are pneumatically powered, so no motors, gears or bearings to maintain, unlike large rotary mechanisms that can siphon your profits toward maintenance costs. Our Long Tube Counter Pressure Fillers and lack of pressure bowl limit product waste in the bottling process. Meheen bottling machines are designed to get your product into bottles versus onto the floor. Let’s partner to build your profitability by exporting your local flavor to places you never thought you’d be.

“We bought the Meheen M6CE after seeing it at Barcelona Beer Fest 2017. I think it is really a very well designed machine, simple, easy to use and with very good speed. [The Meheen] has changed [our production] a lot, much faster than before, and we are very happy. Everything is fine, we have no problems. We are really proud of every one of the beers [we can package]!
  • Javier Napal, Brewer, Brew and Roll, Barañain, Spain