The Craft Beer Industry is Exploding… Why is it So Popular?

A decade or so ago, the craft beer industry was a virtual unknown. Big brand names, such as MillerCoors and Budweiser, dominated the market; and independent beer companies were really only local establishments, with a highly limited reach.

How things have changed since then. The craft beer industry has seen phenomenal growth in the last couple of years, and has expanded by 15% in the last year alone. And this isn’t just across the US. Sales have also boomed overseas, and export is fast becoming big business for these artisan beer companies.

So, just what is it about these craft beers that seems to be ticking all the right boxes at the moment?

The Craft Beer Boom: Why?
Tastes are changing. Back in the day, the average US male was more than happy to quaff his favorite beer, and didn’t really experiment too much. However, these days, drinkers (both male and female) are far more discerning and like to keep things varied. They’re often on the look-out for new flavors, and interesting, creative approaches to their beverages.

Innovation. The way in which companies create beer has also changed significantly. To keep up with market demand, breweries are continually experimenting, fighting to bring new products to the public and to stay a step ahead of the pack.

Image. Drinking has always been perceived as a social activity. Nowadays, it’s also a form of social status. Many people no longer want to be associated with popular brands, and would rather be seen drinking something a little more ‘exclusive’.

It has become more mobile. Craft brewers have caught on to the current trend, and now offer their beverages in cans, enabling consumers to take their drinks on hikes, picnics and festivals.

Craft Beer: It’s Anyone’s Business
One of the best things about the craft beer industry is that it opens up the playing field a little, allowing almost anyone to create their own distinctive drinks. All it takes is a little initial investment, some creativity and a desire to make a mark in a rapidly growing marketplace!